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State of Utah - Jobs Senior Business Analyst in SALT LAKE CITY, Utah

Do you have a sound understanding of data quality and processes? Do you know and understand data privacy and security principles and requirements? Can you explain complex technical concepts and information to non-technical people? The Utah Department of Health (UDOH) seeks you as a Senior Business Analyst to serve as a liaison between UDOH informatics programs and Utah Health Information Network ( UHIN ). You will need to understand the UHIN data processes,quality,usage and access to assist UDOH with public health data,specifically for chronic health conditions. This position will work from the UHIN Corporate offices and is expected to attend meetings at UHIN and UDOH office sites. Principal Duties As the Senior Business Analyst,you will: Understand UHIN processes relevant to public health: Who has a connection to UHIN (the CHIE) and what data formats they send (ADT,Triage notes,CDA-CCD,etc.). How UHIN stores (raw message and how parsed data is stored) and transforms the incoming data (including use of NLP) CHIE data. Understand person matching-linkage of UHIN-CHIE data. Understand data quality processes-checks of UHIN-CHIE data. Help Coordinate work of multiple projects between UDOH and UHIN,specifically - hypertension,cardiac-stroke projects,as well as other projects that are prioritized by UDOH. Know and understand who the contacts are with different projects between UDOH and UHIN. Follow-up as needed with UDOH and other relevant contacts. Provide coordination between UDOH and UHIN on use of CHIE data for the projects including coordination of contracts-MOUs. Understand the different data needs for each of the projects. Help create interfaces,data formats,data dictionaries. Cross map data needs from UDOH to UHIN. Attend and participate in meetings between the UDOH and UHIN related to the different public health surveillance data projects. Implement data quality processes and perform data quality for public health purposes. Evaluate completeness of data received by UHIN (the CHIE) per data source. Evaluate ability of UHIN CHIE data to meet public health needs. Help architect data collection and storage of clinical data for UDOH disease surveillance purposes. Provide feedback to UHIN and CHIE data senders (health systems,clinics-facilities,and EHR vendors) regarding improvements to data submissions and data processing. Develop-enhance-maintain public health disease surveillance dashboard of CHIE data. Evaluate infrastructure needed to provide CHIE data to UDOH for public health disease surveillance that is timely and complete and best format for accessing this data. Evaluate dashboard options at UHIN or UDOH. Work with UDOH and UHIN on development of dashboards Gather dashboard user feedback. Provide feedback to UHIN of validity of dashboard reports for public health surveillance. Work with UDOH and UHIN to maintain dashboards,including user access to dashboards as well as usability of the dashboards. Report to UDOH Programs. Document and report progress to DCPIP supervisor-manager. Document and report challenges encountered. Work with DCPIP,CHDI HIP,and UHIN to address challenges. Report on progress of program specific projects to individual UDOH programs. Keep CHDI HIP management informed and coordinate program efforts. The Ideal Candidate Has a graduate degree in Informatics,Information Systems,Data Science,or Public Health. Can perform complex SQL queries. Understands and has experience with health data standards (CDA FHIR,HL7). Understands and has experience with health data vocabulary (ICD,LOINC,SNOMED,RXNORM). Has a knowledge of statistical algorithms and data analysis. Why You Should Join Our Team This is an opportunity to make a difference. Along with the satisfaction of helping improve access to health data you will receive great health and retirement benefits,such as,generous paid time off so you can have a positive work life balance. Click here to view a summary of all the benefits we off