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Primary Job Purpose The role of a DevOps Engineer III is to analyze, design, implement and validate strategies for continuous deployment to both host- and cloud-based infrastructure while ensuring high availability on both production and pre-production systems. They are responsible for the design and implementation of applications' build, release, deployment, and configuration activities. Other responsibilities include working with functional and technical teams to identify requirements, architect solutions, implement-update solutions, build and execute test plans, perform quality reviews, manage operations, and triage and fix operational issues. DevOps Engineers require the ability to interact, develop, engineer, and communicate collaboratively at the highest technical levels with customer, peers, partners, vendors and leadership.General Functions and Outcomes * Works on smaller, moderately complex tasks in support of a project that requires a singular area of expertise.* Increased skill in a single technical environment and knowledge of a specific business area.* Develops-builds IT solutions to meet business, technical and security requirements.* Installs and configures solutions.* Translates business and technical requirements into test cases, test scenarios and scripts.* Develops and-or implements reusable components.* Assists with the identification, creation, and maintenance of test data.* Develops interface stubs and simulators, as needed.* Performs script maintenance and updates due to changes in requirements or implementations.* Assists with setup and maintenance of test environments for both manual and automated testing.* Works on moderate to complex tasks in support of one or more projects that require a singular area of expertise.* Works as a project team member, or independently on small projects.* Increased skill in multiple technical environments and knowledge of a specific business area.* Codes and documents custom test automation frameworks.* Maintains new and existing object reference files.* Works on complex, major or highly visible tasks in support of multiple projects that require multiple areas of expertise.* May work as a project lead.* Works on projects that may span a broad range of applications.* Supports multiple applications.* Expertise in multiple technical environments and knowledge of one or more business areas.* Sets up and maintains the test environments for both manual and automated testing.Minimum Requirements * Configuration management tools and processes; source code repository tools, experience with one programming language, OS scripting tools, relational databases, software testing, and networking concepts and protocols. Must also possess effective communication and collaboration skills.* Multiple programming languages, networking components, protocols, and security (subnets, firewalls, routing, DNS, HTTP, TLS-SSL, etc.). Experience working in applications, systems or IT operations, Knowledge of an agile team environment and process, excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills, comfort with frequent, incremental code, testing and deployment.* Multiple OS scripting tools, experience working in an agile team environment, demonstrated knowledge of a broad range of hardware and software products, demonstrated ability to analyze and interpret complex problems or processes, identify and understand requirements, and develop alternate solutions* Experience designing, developing, testing, and deploying applications-systems using proven or emerging technologies and environments, strong troubleshooting and problem solving skills and strong communication and collaboration skills.Normally to be proficient in the competencies listed above DevOps Engineer III would have Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Business Administration, Engineering or related field and seven years relevant experience in a multi-platform environment, including but not limited to application development