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* Collect data, prepare documents, support research projects, and provide sustainment support as part of the A-10 avionics integration effort in support of the 309 th Software Maintenance Group.* Provide software sustainment support for OTP, IFFCC, IEPU, OFP, TEMS-ADR, WINTASS, RTEDV, OTP's Offline Help, ASIST, SADL, MAC, and SMAP* Support engineer program development and modifications by working with other personnel (engineers, equipment specialists, Program Managers, etc.) and developing brief information* Resolve configuration issues by collecting data, reviewing for conflicts with other subsystems, supporting integration and planning of modifications, evaluating aircraft system information, and determining problem areas* Design interface modifications and on-board software; analyze electrical and software interfaces; verify and validate on-aircraft designs; coordinate deliveries and schedules; provide support to OSSandE, IA, and Ai rworthiness; and document changes* Prepare engineering studies, assemble data, coordinate with engineers, and support document finalization* Design mechanical systems-components for installation of on-aircraft avionics modifications, electrical interfaces, wiring, matrix assemblies, and power panels* Prepare documentation and drawings to create technical data packages and kits and support trail installations, engineering proofs of concept, kit proofing, validation, and verification* Control changes using the ECP process, ensure accomplishment of risk assessment-management, support the PAR CCB, conduct data reviews of WITs and DRs, and take action to resolve problems* Support special research projects* Receive tasks (including technical documentation, process, system requirements derivation, engineering design, resource coordination, and integration) through a Government task scheduling system* Review and author technical source data, provide page and graphics count estimates, and author and review required technical data package changes* Assist in the implementation of TOs and technical data* Perform lab qualification testing* Other duties as assigned #dicepost Qualifications* Education-Training (both required and desired): - Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or closely related field. Experience: * 2+ years of professional experience in software development, which may include the following: - XML, HTML, Java Script, Perl, ASP, and-or similar scripting languages- Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, VMS, RTOS and-or other operating systems- LabView, ADA, C, C++, .Net technology, Java, Fortran, Assembly, Jovial, Visual Basic, and-or other programming languages- MIL-STD-1553B Bus Monitor functions and Communication,- A-10 avionics