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Henry Schein, Inc. Sr. Product Analyst l in American Fork, Utah

Henry Schein One delivers connected dental software and services, combined with expert business coaching, to help practices improve every aspect of practice management and grow profits. Our platform for integrated applications lets dental technology connect, share data and automate more tasks, creating a new digital workflow that helps teams work smarter and more efficiently. Our advanced integration improves each stage of the patient experience – from first contact and scheduling, to delivery of treatment and recurring care. Henry Schein One unifies market-leading software, web tools, support, and patient services into the one platform that is a standard for connecting all practice dental technology.


This position is responsible for producing quality software by assisting two or more software development teams in gathering requirements from the business and software users in order to produce specifications for programmers and testers. Validate that resulting software meets the requirements originally collected.


  • Collect and analyze information from a variety of sources using valuation tools and techniques to contribute to determining the value proposition of workflow changes made to the teams’ software modules

  • Identify user needs by reviewing goals, objectives, and requirements to ensure the appropriate needs are represented in the *teams’ *software modules

  • Evaluate user needs regarding the *teams’ *software modules, using elicitation techniques in order to provide a baseline for prioritizing requirements

  • Define the strategy for requirements traceability for the* teams’* software modules using traceability tools and techniques in order to establish the level of traceability necessary to monitor and validate the requirements

  • Develop a requirements management plan for the teams’ software modules by identifying stakeholders, roles and responsibilities, communication protocols, and methods for eliciting, analyzing, documenting, managing, and approving requirements in order to establish a roadmap for delivering the expected solution

  • Elicit or identify requirements, using individual and group elicitation techniques in order to discover and capture requirements for the *teams’ *software modules

  • Analyze, decompose, and elaborate requirements using techniques such as dependency analysis, interface analysis, and data and process modeling in order to collaboratively uncover and clarify module options and capabilities

  • Evaluate module options and capabilities by using decision-making and valuation techniques in order to determine which requirements are accepted, deferred, or rejected

  • Obtain sign-off on requirements baseline using decision-making techniques in order to facilitate stakeholder consensus and achieve stakeholder approval

  • Write requirements specifications for the teams’ software modules using tools (such as use cases, user stories), data, and interface details in order to communicate requirements that are measurable and actionable

  • Validate requirements for the teams’ software modules using tools and techniques such as documentation review, prototypes, demos, and other validation methods in order to ensure requirements are complete, accurate and aligned with goals, objectives, and value proposition

  • Elaborate and specify detailed metrics and acceptance criteria using measurement tools and techniques for use in evaluating whether the *teams’ *software modules meet requirements

  • Track module requirements using a traceability artifact or tools, capturing the requirements' status, sources and relationships (including dependencies), in order to provide evidence that the requirements are delivered as stated

  • Monitor module requirements throughout their lifecycles using a traceability artifact or tool in order to ensure the appropriate supporting requirements artifacts (such as models, documentation, and test cases) are produced, reviewed and approved at each point in the lifecycle

  • Update requirements status for the teams’ software modules as they move through their lifecycle states by communicating with appropriate stakeholders and recording changes in the traceability artifact or tool in order to track requirements towards closure

  • Communicate requirements status for the* teams’* software modules to the project manager and other stakeholders using communication methods in order to keep them informed of requirements issues, conflicts, changes, risks, and overall status

  • Manage changes to requirements for the *teams’ *software modules by assessing impacts, dependencies, and risks in accordance with the change control plan, and comparing to the requirements baseline in order to maintain the integrity of the requirements and associated artifacts

  • Validate the *teams’ *software module test results, reports, and other test evidence against the requirements acceptance criteria in order to determine whether the solution satisfies the requirements

  • Analyze and communicate identified gaps and deltas for the teams’ software modules using quality assurance tools and methods in order to enable stakeholders to resolve discrepancies between solution scope, requirements, and developed solution

  • Obtain stakeholder sign-off on the teams’ software modules using decision-making techniques in order to proceed with deployment

  • Evaluate the deployed solution for the teams’ software modules using valuation techniques in order to determine how well the solution meets the business case and value proposition

  • Attend all meetings necessary for the seamless delivery of the product as part of the Software Development Life Cycle


  • *

Typically5 to 7or more years of increasing responsibility in terms of any applicable professional experience.


  • *

Typically a Bachelor's Degree or global equivalent in related discipline.Master's degree or global equivalent a plus.May hold one or more industry certifications; professional certification may be required to advance.


  • Strong understanding of industry practices

  • High proficiencywith tools, systems, and procedures

  • Goodplanning/organizational skills and techniques

  • Good decision making, analysis and problem solving skills with ability to multi-task

  • Strongverbal and written communication skills

  • Good presentation and public speaking skills

  • Goodinterpersonal skills

  • Goodconflict resolution skillsand ability to deliver difficult messages

  • Ability to build partnerships at all levels within the company, begin to build partnerships externally

  • Resolve complex issues in effective ways


  • Advancedknowledge of analytic tools and techniques (for example, decomposition, progressive elaboration, dependency analysis, gap analysis, impact analysis, risk analysis, and assessment)

  • Goodknowledge of business rule analysis tools and techniques (for example, decision table, decision tree, rule catalog)

  • Good ability to leverage collaboration tools and techniques

  • Advanced communication skills in the areas of technical writing, business writing, working with virtual teams, presentation skills, verbal and nonverbal communication

  • Goodability to handle conflict management and leverage resolution tools and techniques

  • Goodknowledge of data analysis tools and techniques (for example, data model, data dictionary, state diagram)

  • Basic ability to leverage decision making tools and techniques (for example, Delphi technique, multi-voting, consensus building, options analysis)

  • Good knowledge of development methodologies (for example, agile, iterative, incremental, waterfall)

  • Good ability to use documentation management tools and techniques

  • Advancedability to use elicitation tools and techniques (for example, brainstorming, focus groups, interviewing techniques, workshop facilitation, observation, document analysis, research, surveys, and questionnaires)

  • Advancedability in leveraging estimating tools and techniques (for example, estimation poker, quadrant analysis, averaging)

  • Advancedknowledge of interface analysis (for example, prototyping, storyboarding, interoperability)

  • Goodability to problem solve and leverage opportunity identification tools and techniques (for example, brainstorming, value engineering, scenario analysis, user journey maps)

  • Advancedability to utilize process analysis tools and techniques (for example, user stories, use cases, process model, data flow diagrams, dependency graphs, events)

  • Goodknowledge of requirements traceability tools and techniques

  • Good knowledge of various requirements types (for example, business, stakeholder, solution, transition, project, and quality)

  • Goodability to perform root cause analysis (for example, Ishikawa/fishbone, 5 Whys)

  • Good ability to perform stakeholder analysis (for example, personas, role definition [RACI], job analysis, skills assessment)

  • Good ability to leverage validation tools and techniques (for example, acceptance criteria [for example, given-when-then] User Acceptance Testing)

  • Good ability to perform verification methods and techniques (for example, inspection, test, walk-through, desk checking, peer review)

  • Ability to keep skills current with changing industry demands as identified by thedepartment training site



  • Earn generous PTO (Paid Time Off)

  • Seven Company Paid holidays

  • Competitive Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits

  • 401K with competitive company match

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • Life Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability, AD&D

/Henry Schein, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability that can be reasonably accommodated without undue hardship, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, citizenship, marital or veteran status, or any other legally protected status./

/For more information about career opportunities at Henry Schein, please visit our website at://www.henryschein.com/careers//./

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Title: Sr. Product Analyst l

Location: UT-American Fork

Requisition ID: R113064