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Company ONE DELIVERS CONNECTED DENTAL SOFTWARE AND SERVICES, COMBINED WITH EXPERT BUSINESS COACHING, TO HELP PRACTICES IMPROVE EVERY ASPECT OF PRACTICE MANAGEMENT AND GROW PROFITS. OUR PLATFORM FOR INTEGRATED APPLICATIONS LETS DENTAL TECHNOLOGY CONNECT, SHARE DATA AND AUTOMATE MORE TASKS, CREATING A NEW DIGITAL WORKFLOW THAT HELPS TEAMS WORK SMARTER AND MORE EFFICIENTLY. OUR ADVANCED INTEGRATION IMPROVES EACH STAGE OF THE PATIENT EXPERIENCE FROM FIRST CONTACT AND SCHEDULING, TO DELIVERY OF TREATMENT AND RECURRING CARE. Company ONE UNIFIES MARKET-LEADING SOFTWARE, WEB TOOLS, SUPPORT AND PATIENT SERVICES INTO THE ONE PLATFORM THAT IS A STANDARD FOR CONNECTING ALL PRACTICE DENTAL TECHNOLOGY. JOB OVERVIEW: This position is responsible for performing BASIC programming tasks for the maintenance and enhancement of a new or existing product. LEVERAGE A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE BUSINESS DOMAIN AND EXISTING FRAMEWORKS FOR THE SUCCESS OF DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: * Design and code moderately complex solutions that meet business requirements on schedule and within budget * Establish a high level of code quality by writing unit tests, participating in code reviews, reducing cyclomatic complexity, removing code duplication, and debugging software modules * Assist user documentation and technical support by assembling and providing concise and accurate information in regards to software functionality * Implement code that follows established standards and demonstrates a basic understanding of user interface design patterns, object oriented design, DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, DATABASE DESIGN, DATABASE ACCESS, MEMORY MANAGEMENT, DESIGN PATTERNS, TEST AUTOMATION, CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION-DEPLOYMENT, AND VERSIONING * Modify existing user interfaces by leveraging a basic understanding of user experience design * Attend all meetings necessary for the seamless delivery of the product as part of the Software Development Life Cycle WORK EXPERIENCE: Typically 2 to 4 years of related professional experience. PREFERRED EDUCATION: Typically a Bachelor's Degree or global equivalent in related discipline. GENERAL SKILLS & COMPETENCIES: * Basic understanding of industry practices * General proficiency with tools, systems, and procedures * Basic planning-organizational skills and techniques * Good decision making, analysis and problem solving skills * Good verbal and written communication skills * Basic presentation and public speaking skills * Basic interpersonal skills *